As I metioned in my prevous post I just recently decided to go to the grand bal at the Opera in the end of january.


But what is it?

It will be a night at the Opera in 1880s style, with white tie, evening gowns and loots of fans and juwelry. Lots of the people I know from erlier costuming events will be there and they tell me it’s the event of the year.

There will be food, music, dancing and loot and lots of people in glorius evening wear.

1880 dance

The offical website of the bal (In Swedish).

The_Woman_of_FashionHonestly I have no idea what to expect, but I will tell you all about it afterwards.



images (1)

b9140567ec32a734a09d816a92bc78a5 (1)


This will be my first grand costuming event and I so looking forward to it. (Now back to the sewing room).


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