Suffragett Metal Brosches

For the HSFs 19 challenge: Metal, wood and bone I decided to make yet another simple piece.

I’ve been in need of some Suffragett symbols and ribbons, to wear to an upcoming event.

So I searched the internet and fell in love with these beautiful suffragett brosches. images


So I bought three frames from the local craft store. 2013-09-23 22.05.35

I also got some ribbon (violet, green, yellow, white and lace) and started to tie rosettes.

Once by my computer I searched and found some fascinating Swedish women who fought for the rights of women in the beginning of the century.



Rösträttsvykort. Anna Wicksell

I printed and glued the pictures into the frames, and then sewed the ribbons to the frames. So simple.2013-09-23 22.47.33

2013-09-23 22.46.28

2013-09-23 22.46.01

I think they look lovely, although I do not know if this was something who actually was being worn by the women’s rights movements at the time, or a more recent invention.

Just the facts:

Challenge: 19 Wood, metal and bone

Year: 1900-1920s

What: Womens rights brosches

Fabric: None

Notions: metal frames, ribbons, glue, hot glue, paper, thread.

Historical accuracy: I have no idea, but ribbons in violet, white and green/yellow was the symbol of the movement.

Time: 1 hour

Cost: 100Sek (11 USD)

First worn: Not yet, but will be on the 5 okt for a Suffragett brunch.


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