Skedevi national costume pictures

Here are some pictures of my folk costume.

I took a few of them 3 years ago when it was brand new, and the rest is from yesterdays photoshoot.

skedevidräkt 4

skedevidräkt bak 1

skedevidräkt nära flikarClose-up on the back tabs

skedevidräkt nära sidan

skedevidräkt mamelucker närbildSneak a peak of bloomers


skedevidräkt näraI can’t belive how young I look in these photos, and it is just 3 years ago.

And here are some shots from yesterday.







5 thoughts on “Skedevi national costume pictures

    1. That depends on where you live.
      In Sweden you can by parts or whole folk costumes at in your region “Hemslöjden”.
      There are also some tailors who makes them.
      But it is really expensive to by or let someone make a new one – I would just search the second hand market, like “” or “”, where you can get them really cheap.

      Best of luck.

      1. I have been Googling Swedish folk fabric without much luck. Do you have any fabric links? This may be a project of love that I would tackle with my mother in law. Tak!

    1. I’m a member of a folk dancing group called “Folkungagillet” and bought my fabric from them. I don’t know if they sell to non members.

      But I know that Hemslöjden i Linköping stock both patterns and fabric for Skedevi, Vånga and Kinda folk costume in Östergötland.

      If the websites are hard to understand you can try caling them.


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