Making my Skedevi folk costume

Three years ago I finally decided to make my own national costume. Being  both a folkdancer and seemstress it was long over due to return the one I’ve been borrowing for the past 5 years and start on my own.

As part of a folk dancing team it was not hard to find the right person to help me get the project started by letting me buy some home woven fabrics at a good price.

All the pieces of clothing are hand sewn with waxed linnen thread.

Starting with the shirt in a white cotton fabric I quickly got used to the handsewing way of  pleating, fellseaming and hemming. The construction was relatively simple with only squares, rectangles and underarm gores.

skjorta skedevi fram

Next up was the skirt in a striped, rather corse wool. It consisted of one big rectangle which was pleated to a waistband and closed with hooks and eyes.

kjol skedevi tyg nära

kjol skedevi tyg

The apron in a striped cotton fabric was constructed the same way: a rectangle pleated to a waistband which ties in the waist.


The neck-cloth consisted of one squared piece of checkered cotton which only needed hemming.


The only piece of the costume which really needed some thinking and fitting was the bodice. I bought the pattern and got some help figuring out the right measurments and fitting for the mock-up.

sömnadbeskrivning väst sid 1

The fabric is a red wool fabric (kind of like brothcloth), natural linnen for the linnig and some green ribbon for trimming.


väst skedevi ofärdig bak

väst skedevi ofärdig foder

For this costume I also needed some accessories which I could not or would not make.

IMG_3025Some jewelry – a brooch and a pair of cuff links.

IMG_3019And a bag worn at the waistband of the skirt.

You will also need some red wool stockings, some kind of petticoat or bloomers and a red ribbon for your hair – if you are unmarried. Married woman wear their hair in a headcloth or a coif.

Here is my finished folk costume on my dressform taken three years ago. You will get some pictures of it in action next time.

skedevidräkt docka fram

skedevidräkt docka bak

väst skedevi docka fram


2 thoughts on “Making my Skedevi folk costume

  1. (I don´t know if I should write in Swedish or English but here I go…)

    Hi, what a fantastic blog and fantastic clothes! I just bought myself a Skedevi-dräkt but it didn´t come with a bag, so I wonder where you got your pattern from?

    1. Thank you!
      I acctually bought the bag at a second hand shop.
      But maybe you can try to contact Hemslöjden in Linköping or Folkungagillets costume manadger, and se if they can help you.

      And with that said – I’ve worn folk costume for about 20 years, and just bought the bag last year. 🙂

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