1660s Red Baroque Gown

Photo By Fashion Through Herstory
Modell: Annika Siljat

1660s Red Gown

The separate gown made up of bodice and skirt was a fairly new thing in the higher society at the mid 17th century. The common people had used it a long time, mixing and matching skirts bodices and doublets, to
This particular style of dress have a rigid, heavely boned bodice with a low, of the shoulder neckline, accentuated by the big elbow lenght sleeves.
The tabs on the bodice was worn both on the inside of the skirt and sometimes on the outside, showing.
The dress is made to be worn over a chemise, petticoats and a bumpad.

Pattern: “1660s bodice lining” from Waugh’s “Corset and Crinolines”, with some alterations.

Fabric: 1,5 m red polyester “silk”, 1,5m white cotton/linen blend for lining and 1 m un-bleached sturdy linen for interning and foundation.

Notions: Thread, button-hole thread, 15m syntethic whalebone for boning,  5m cord for lacing, 60cm white bias-tape for edging the sleeves and 3 m red bias-tape for binding the tabs.

How historical accurate: So so, the bodice is made 50% on machine with all the outside seams made by hand. The fabric is modern but the shape and look of the garment is good for the time period.
About 7/10

Time: A lot! probably about 60 hours – I worked on this for most of the summer.

Summer of 2015 for photos and a dance rectial.
Also autumn 2015 for halloween photos

Final Thoughts: I’m so happy with the look and feel of it. My only concern is the size – Why do I keep making things to small? I seem to constantly over estimate my “squeeze factor”, and underestimate the difference boning and extra fabric layers make to the size.
And if it ever is to be worn again I might have to redo the front, or just slap some trim over it…

Made in 2015

1660s Beige skirt – construction
1660s Coif – construction
1660s Bodice – construction part 1
1660s Bodice – construction part 2
1660s Bodice – constuction part 3
1660s Red/beige gown – photoshoot
1660s Red Devil – photoshoot

Photos: Fashion through Herstory
Modells: Jessie Lewis Skoglund & Annika Siljat