1550s Elizabethian Gown

Photo By Elin Evaldsdottra

1550s Elizabethian Golden Gown

This gown is based on the gown Elizabeth I wore to her coronation in the mid 16th century. It also takes inspiration from the gown Cate Blanchett wears in the movie “Elizabeth” (1998).
The bodice is a separate piece, fully boned and extended down the front. it laces up the back, and the sleeves are fully attached and reaches the wrists.
The skirt is pleated to a waistband, and made from the same fabric as the partlet and hood.

Pattern: Bodice pattern remade from “The Dorothea bodice” from “The Tudor Tailor”, the sleeves was copied from my previous mentor at the theater atelje, the skirt is basically just 3 pieces of fabric sewn together.

Fabric: 4,5 m of golden polyester furniture brocade/damast, 1 m white cotton for lining and interlining the bodice.

Notions: Thread, grommets, 3 m of cotton cord for lacing, 20-30 zip-ties heavy for boning, hook and eye and 1 m cotton ribbon for the skirts waist.

How Historical Accurate: Not at all I’m afraid. The fabric is modern both in content and looks, the bodice pattern are okey for the period but the back lacing (both placement and the use of metal grommets) is all wrong and I think the sleeves are wrong to. And the fact that I stitched it all up by machine and using modern techniques don’t make it any better.
I would say 2/10.

Time: About 15 hours (spread into countless short sessions over 2,5 months)

First worn: October 2016 for photos, 2017 for a medieval fair and 2019 for a Medieval museum lecture.

Final Thoughts: I love this dress, even though it’s far from historical accurate, I think it does look really good (especially with a more historical styling) and I liked wearing it.
My only concern is that I need to make something about the way the bodice point wrinkles. and I definitely need to anchor the bodice and skirt together, with hooks and eyes, for my next wearing.

Made autumn 2016

1550s Elizabeth Gown – Construction
1550s Elizabeth Gown – Partlet
1550s Elizabeth Gown – French Hood
1550s Elizabeth Gown – Photoshoot Historical
1550s Elizabeth Gown – Photoshoot Movie inspired