Victorian(ish) Picknic

A saturday in mid july me and my sister dressed historic for a “Victorian Picknic”.
The weater was way to hot for anything other then bathing suits, but we did manadge to put together some pretty good outfits that we hoped would keep us from melting all togeter.

IMG_0335We arrived a bit late, and was suprised to se there was only a few other people dressed in somewhat historical outfits at the meeting point. And sad to say it wasn’t the spectacular event’s I’ve been used to lately.
The people attending was realy nice, though I think we all wished there had turned up a few more of us costume nerds.

IMG_0270I wore my 1850s crinoline, green 1840s skirt, 1890s shirtwaist and a new staw hat, I bought the day before on sale from the kids department.
I did feel quite good and comfortable despite the eclectical outfit.

IMG_0333My sister wore an even more “made up” outfit, in a red 1880s corset (which I haven’t posted about), my 1890s suffraget skirt, 1901s black swiss waist, a modern bolero and a masqurade top hat.
Strange as the combonation may be, I think she looked great. And judging from the cool poses she keept doing, I can only asume she feelt pretty good too.

IMG_0337A cool and somewhat more Goth interpritaion of Victorian fashion.

IMG_0339And a nice and cute  Baby Doll/Japanise (I’m not sure what this style is called) early 20th century dress.

IMG_0342Cute couple.

And a pretty regency gown, made by the wearer herself.IMG_0344The whole event was a bit underwelming, but it was quite nice to just walk around and chat in the park. But when the rain came we all feelt it was time to go home. I do hope there will be more of this kind of relaxed events in our town, and that more people find the time to attend.

And a group picture of all 8 of us.IMG_0348

And as usual me and my sister took som time to get some nice photos.

First up’s sis.








Then it was mine turn.IMG_0295