Suffragets in action – Luncheon

Yesterday it was finaly time for the “Suffragett luncheon” I’ve been helping to plan since february – or rather been watching while other planed.

Anyway, I got up realy early yesterday morning to get on the train taking me to the capital, were I arrived in good time before the meet-up.

I walked the 10 min to my inlaws empty apartment, and started to get dressed.IMG_7618Underwear and huge red hair.

Using all my flexibility, I manadged to lace the corset (fairly easy), and to button the shirtwaist all the way in the back (really hard). IMG_8085The “In-door” look: Shirtwaist, walking skirt, swiss-waist and brosch.

And before leaving the apartment (about 40min after I arrived) I doned the huge hat, jacket, chain and broschIMG_8098

I took the intercity train to the smal, old house were we was to hold the meeting.

The ones of us who came early, emediatly started to prepar the food and table.IMG_8105Elin and Aggi prepearing the food.

Johanna set the table with yellow napkins, flowers and these lovely place holders, which she made using costuming pictures of all of us.IMG_8103I’m the one at the front.

 Then the guest started to arrive.IMG_8178From left: Elin (organizer and cook) trying to sell of some caviar, Johanna (Co. organizer) in blue and Lina in a purple 1910s dress. In the backround we can also glimps Aggi.

IMG_8112Carolina and Hanna.

Hanna is known for only using original garments. And she’s an expert in finding the most faboulus, well perserved, pieces ever.IMG_8113Close up.

When everyone arrived, it was time to take place by the table to start the 4 course “Suffragett luncheon” from a 1914s recepie. (link “Good housekeping 1914” recepie).IMG_8118

And since I’m not a fan of  “food photos”, I of course forgot to photograp all the courses.

But here are a few.IMG_8122Chicken soup with croutons.

IMG_8129Celery-canapé with salad and toast.

And some pics of the lovely ladies.IMG_8125Looking modelstly happy…

IMG_8126..and happily confused…

IMG_8144..and then back to modestly interested…

But after a while it got a bit crazy… No I’m kiding but Lina did pose in a rater unexpected fashion.IMG_8132A suffragett on top of a suffraget….

When we finished all the courses, it was time to play the original “Suffragett board game”.IMG_8146

Using famous swedish women-fighters for pieces.IMG_8150

 Then some of us took the time to pose for the camera.IMG_8151Emelie in her lovely striped pink, self made gown.

IMG_8152Love this picture – So pretty.

Then it was my turn.IMG_8175I think this pic is hilarious – take a look at the frisky look in the creapy manequins eyes, and you know what I mean.


IMG_8141Carolina gives us a big smile in her cool, self made outfit.

Then we went outside for some quick group pictures.

IMG_8157We manadged to get a young guy to help us photograp – he was very polite and patient, but he must have thougt we were totaly crazy.

IMG_8159“Empire but skratch”

IMG_8160And of course some shoes – oh those naughty suffragetts.

Then it was time to hurry back to the aparment to change (took me half the time taking it of), and catch the train home.

I had such a good time dressing up and spending an afternoon in the company of all these awsome ladies.

19th Century Christmas Party

On the 14th of december I went to a chrismas party in Stockholm.

The dresscode was – whatever you like from the 19th century.

And as you might know Iv’e been working on my 1840s dress to wear to the event. And it was acctualy done in time, even though I needed to both let it out some and shorten it a bit after wearing it outside for a photoshoot, (good thing I did the shoot before the party). I also had the underwear, bonnet and outerwear finished and waiting.

I’ve been so looking forward to this.

But before the party me and Johanna took a tour to the christmas market.


But there was not much to se and it was raining a bit to much so we decided to go early to the party instead.

A sneak a peak.1472110_10151826920548027_1688710678_n

The party started of with some smal talk while drinking “glögg” (hot wine(?)), and admiring all the lovely clothes.IMG_4310


Empire style meets late 19th century.IMG_4304

Some gentlemen in there finery.IMG_4305



Elin in 1930s dress.1471260_791044537578773_1704836460_n


Johanna in a lovely empire gown and hairdo.IMG_4316

Chrismas candy and cockies.IMG_4326

The line to the coffee table ran long (especialy since many of us women where a bit wide on the backside).IMG_4318


We also got to listen to some lovely singing from Hilewi as “Lucia”.IMG_4321

The evening was very nice and the house really helped setting the “old times” mood. IMG_4323

And then the old fashioned “Julbock” came to give us gifts. Sadly I had to leave before, and didn’t get the chanse to meet him. 13579_791044504245443_701170361_n

A glimps of me in my 1940s dress, which I really enjoyed wearing.

IMG_4320(Most of the pictures in this post are my own, but some are borrowed from other members of the 19th century group.)