New Costuming books

As you might now by now, I’m a real sucker for costuming and fashion books. So when I recently had some money to spair I, spend them on my favourite online book store.

Here are the goddies I got this time.

Dress Design by: Talbot Hughes 
IMG_9683A new to me book, that contains lots of quick sketches of historic fashions and some  patterns.
At first glance I’m not particulary impressed, but I will have to get into it more in depth to give it a fair review.IMG_9684

Everyday Fashions of the Thirties by: Stella BlumIMG_9686I adore this book series (and own the voulmes on theens and twenties  since before), and it did not dissapoint. IMG_9688

Seventheenth-century Womens Dress Pattern part 1. by: Susan North & Jenny Tiramani.IMG_9689I finaly took the plunge and bought this book after at least a year of pining. And it is great – full of  pictures, patternsa and detailed skethes of lots of pretty and interesting costume pieces form this (for my part) un-discovered er.IMG_9690

Seventheenth-century Womens Dress Pattern part 2. by: Susan North & Jenny Tiramani.IMG_9694And while I was at it, I bought the second one too.IMG_9695

Reconstruction Era Fashions by: Frances GrimbleIMG_9700Already owning one of these big beauties I was suprised to discover this book was well past my expectaions. It contained so many and waried patterns and pictures of different items for the 1860s wardrobe.IMG_9701

Historic Costumes in Pictures by: Braun & schneiderIMG_9707
Perhaps you have encountered these types of books before – the ones that promises so many gorgeous drawings from all of costume history, but instead uses half of its pages for pre historic, military and national costumes. Don’t get me wrong – I love me some nice national costumes, but then maybe I could have bough a different book. There are however some lovely dawings of  both high and low fashions.IMG_9710

Creating Historical Clothes – Pattern Cutting from Tudor to Victorian Times by: Elizabeth FriendshipIMG_9704I own the mens version of this book and totaly adores it. And the womens version are just as great.
It is a pattern drafting book however, and recures you to have some knowledge of pattern drafting before hand.
IMG_9705And that was that.
Lets the summer reading begin…

Pictures at Hunneberg

The past weekend my boyfriend and some work colleagues had an opening of an unused part of the houses of Hunneberg. The old barn which before only was used as storage space, had been cleaned out and re-made into a showroom.

Now they showcase pictures of the houses and people living there 80 years ago in the barn.

It was a successful opening and one of the local historical enthusiasts held a speech and tought the audience about the houses history.

The view from the street.IMG_2121

The  weather was lovely and quite a few people come to listen and look at the pictures.IMG_2086

Inside one of the houses we served coffee and cookies.IMG_2089

Inside one of the little shops.IMG_2099

There even was a lady singing from a door over our heads.IMG_2112

The showcase itself.IMG_2071


Some books about Linköping, and the history of the town and the street of Hunneberg.IMG_2083

I particularily like this photo of a family (?) of women taken in 1929. Sadly this picture was not amongst those choosen to be in the showcase.CApettersson1But as a mad historical seamstress, and the girlfriend of one of the people responsible for the exhibithion, I decided to use the oportunity…

… And made a copy of the dress the teenage girl in the photo is wearing.

IMG_2077And then I got it accepted, and shown as a part of the exhibition.


IMG_2043I will tell you more about the dress and show you more photos of it in my next post.