A Box of Lace Heaven

I was planing on showing you my favoutite part of our new apartment today but decided this post was so much more important.

Today I picked up the most awsome pacage from the post office. – A box that I recently won biding on an on-line auction. And since I’m really terrible at that kind of biding I don’t do as much good deals as I would like.

But I had a good feeling on this one.

So I hurried home (determend to not get to disaponted if the containt didn’t live up to the expectations) and put it on my sewing table. IMG_4951

The package containd a shoe box full of all sorts of different pieces of lace. IMG_4954

Ok, so far so good. The auction had called for a box with about 50 asorted lace pieces of different lenghts.

But when I started going through it, I found lots of pieces I didn’t expected.

There was atleast 7 (!) lace collars of different shapes and sizes. IMG_4958

I mean, look at this awesome little collar – probably prevousley attatched to a little girls dress. IMG_4960

And this “peter-pan” collar with its double layers. IMG_4962

And this one is just darling.IMG_4963

I also found these two pieces – which I’m not sure what they are for. But I’m guessing the big one is a collar or fichu of some kind, it’s about 70cm long. And the little one could be a sleeve cuff (sadly I only found one in the box). IMG_4965

What do you think? Could it be a single cuff, It is the right size, or is it something else. IMG_4966

And don’t you just love the end of the bigger piece. IMG_4967

And then of course there was some regular lace in the box as well.

Here are a few of the wide widths. IMG_4970

And some of the one of lesser widths. IMG_4972The top one is starched, and feel almost like papper. And the one on the bottom says “1,5 m hand made lace” and “20 sek” (2Usd).

And what would a lace collection be without some colored speciments. IMG_4969

And since this box of magic seems to have belonged to a great horder/seamstress the wonders don’t stop there.

I got plenty more. IMG_4978

I guess I will decorate lots of  my costuming pieces with lace this spring.

What I payed for all this magic? – 45Sek (5Usd).