Some of the historical costumes I’ve made.
The costumes are shown in chronological order.

(I update continuously)

Ancient times:

Grecian Chiton (spring 2017)

Construction & Photos

14-15th Century:

 Green 1350s Medieval dress (autumn 2013)IMG_3684Construction dress, cape, headwearFinished Photos

1450s Burgundian dress (summer 2015)IMG_8354 Construction, medieval event

1490s Italian “Borgia” dress (Summer 2016) img_05060construction, construction part 2, headwear and photoshoot

16-17th Century:

1550s Renaissance Peasant (spring 2013)pump-ståConstruction and Pictures

16th century Doublet (autumn 2014)IMG_2843 Construction, Pictures.

Elizabethan 1550s dress (autumn 2016)img_1581Construction dress, partlet, french hood & photoshoot

1660s Gerard ter Borsh (summer 2015) IMG_8003Dress studySkirt, Coif, Bodice part 1, 2,& 3, Photoshoot.

1690s Striped Mantua (summer 2017)Construction 1, construction 2 & photoshoot

18th Century:

1740s Highlander/Outlander outfit (autumn 2015)IMG_8728Jacket and skirt, Photoshoot

1760s Pet-en-l’aire and Separate Skirt (autumn 2013)IMG_1650Construction Pet-en-l’aire, Construction Skirt, Finished Photos

1760s Robe A la Francaise (summer 2017)Construction & Photoshoot

18th century Stays (summer 2014)IMG_2197Construction, photoshoot

1770s Francaise a la Merteuil (spring 2013)IMG_2664ConstuctionFinished picturesInspiration

1780s Floral Anglaise of satin trouble (spring 2013)

IMG_2437Construction 1.Construction 2.Finished picturesInspiration

Late 18th Century Underwear (winter 2012/2013)IMG_1788Flowery corset construction, Photos

1780s Pink Calaco and Pastell Skirt (Spring 2014)IMG_7724Construction Calaco jacket, Construction skirt, Finished pictures.

Striped 1780s Robe Anglaise (summer 2014)IMG_8733Construction dress, skirt, Photoshoot.

1780s Autum Anglaise (summer/autumn 2014)IMG_1228Construction 1, Construction 2, Photos

1780s Flowery Jacket and quilted PetticoatDSC_0062Construction Jacket (summer 2012), Construction Petticoat (spring 2013)

1780s Maids costume (winter/spring 2015)IMG_5961Construction part 1, construction part 2, photoshoot

1780s spring Anglaise (autumn 2014)
Construction, photosoot 1, Re-making & photoshoot 2

1785s Chemise a Lamballe (summer 2013)DSC_0401Construction, Finished PicturesInspiration

1790s Menwear “Foxhunt” (winter 2012/2013)IMG_1175-okConstruction 1, construction 2, construction 3.

1790s Blue Redingote (winter 2014/2015)
IMG_5638Construction part 1, construction part 2, photoshoot

1795s Transitional Round gown
IMG_6209 Construction, photos

19th century:

Janet – 1800s Apron-front Regency Daydress (summer 2017)  Construction, Accessorize and photoshoot

Striped 1805s Regency Gown (spring 2013)stripesConstruction and Pictures, accessoares

White 1805s Regency Evening Gown (autumn 2014)IMG_4148Construction, photos

Yellow 1810s Regency Gown (summer 2014)IMG_9142Construction, bonnetPhotoshoot

Greek Godess Regency Gown (autumn 2014)
Construction, Photoshoot

1825s Purple Evening Gown (spring 2017)
Construction, hair, photoshoot

Green 1840s Day Dress (autumn 2013)IMG_4286Construction, apron and Pictures.

1850s Peasant Dress (fall 2015)IMG_8569Construction & photos

1850s Underwear (spring/summer 2014)IMG_9571Chemise, corset, crinoline and photoshoot.

1849s Plaid Summer dress (summer 2015) Dress construction part 1, part 2 & part 3 & Photoshoot.

1850s Paisley Daydress (summer 2014)IMG_0218BonnetSkirt, jacket, Photoshoot

1850s Paisley Evening Dress (summer 2014)IMG_0405Evening bodice, photoshoot.

1860s Summer outfit (summer 2015)IMG_6963Hat, Blouse, Skirt & Swiss Waist.

1860s Underwear (spring 2017)Green Corset with photoshoot. 
Golden corset
 & Orange Crinoline with photoshoot and shared underwear photoshoot

1862 Summer walking dress (Summer 2017)
Construction, Accessoares & Photoshoot

1865s Teal Evening Gown (spring 2017)
Construction & Photoshoot

1880s Travel Suit “The Cherry Orchad” (winter 2010/2011)3Construction & pictures

“The Cherry Orcade” 1880s Evening Gown (winter 2010/2011) DSC_0281Construction & pictures.

Laced Victorian 1880s Corset and Bustle (summer 2013)IMG_3044Bustle construction, Corset construction, Finished pictures, Neo-victorian pictures

1880s Opera Evening Gown (winter 2013/2014)IMG_5561 näraPattern Bodice, Sewing Bodice, Sewing Skirt, Photoshoot.

20th century:

Camille 1901s Edwardian Gown (spring 2014)IMG_7401Construction Gown, Re-designing of Gown, Hat, Photos.

1905s Wool Walking Suit (autumn 2015)IMG_8890Skirt, Shirtwaist, bolero & photoshoot

Late 19th century Suffragett Celebration (winter 2013/2014)IMG_4589Construction Shirtwaist, Brosches and Skirt with pictures.

1900s Walking Skirt (spring 2015)IMG_6202Skirt construction

The 1910s Titanic Rose (summer 2013)IMG_0334Construction and picturesConstruction Plans

1913s dress – To late for Titanic (summer 2013)IMG_0614Construction and photosPattern makingConstruction Plans

Eastern Influences in 1914 (summer 2013)IMG_0447Construction and Pictures

1914s summer dress (spring 2015)IMG_4850Construction part 1, part 2, photoshoot

Turquoise 1920s dress (spring 2017)Construction & Pictures

1925s Evening dress (summer 2017)
 Construction & Photoshoot

Glittery 1929s robe (winter 2014/2015)IMG_4384 Construction, photos

1929s Picture dress (autumn 2013)IMG_2004Construction and Pictures

1935s Christmas dress (winter 2014/2015)IMG_4508Constructions, photos

1936s Sailor dress (Spring 2013)IMG_2010Construction and Pictures

Non Historic:

Skedevi National Costume (winter 2009/2010)IMG_3319Construction, Photos.

Steampunk 1880s (summer 2014)IMG_0701Pictures

18th Century Plastic Fantastic (Summer 2015)IMG_5170construction and photoshoot

3 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. Hej!
    Försökte anmäla mitt intresse för två 1700-tals klänningar. Den första blommiga och den blårandiga. Vill gärna köpa båda om de funkar till 40 storlek. Vet inte om min kommentar gick fram?
    Hälsningar Lena Starck

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