Fashion School Graduation Collection 2006

It’s been 9 years since I finished fashion school.
A lot has happened since then, but I thought to share my Graduation collection with you.

The theme for the collection was “Myth and Fairytale”
And I named my collection “Dream of Venus” – I know , So cheesy, but I was only 18 back then.

Dream of Venus

We was asked to make a inspiration collage, from which we was to take colors and shapes to paint 15 fashion sketches, and produce/make 5 complete ensembles

IMG_0030My Inspiration collage

IMG_0033The colors I choose was blue, turquoise, white and gold.

Here are the five designs I decided to sew for the final fashion show.venus 11Halterneck dress

venus nr6Jacket and skirt

venus 2Halter top and floor length skirt

venus 7Jacket/cape and pants

venus 8Strap-less dress
We were assigned classmates to sew for and during 4 weeks we worked diligently to finish all the pieces in time for the fashion show.

My collection at the final fashion show:2E0X2737




byxor-och-jacka-modell - Kopia


Looking back at it I think I did pretty good.
Of course there are lots of things I would do differently now, but I learnt a lot working on these pieces and I still love the pre-made two toned viscose fabric.

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