Multi era National days Picknick

June 6 are Swedens national day and I usaly celebrate it either with friends barbequing, or with my dance group doing dance performances in lots of different retirement homes.

But this year I did something a bit different (even though it did contain both hanging out with friends, and making some old people happy).

I went to the “Historic ultra picknic” in the royal park of Haga. It was the first (but hopefully not the last) event of its kind in our area, where all time periods and styles were welcome.
The idea of the picknick was to meet new interesting people, and to give the first timers a comfortable way of geting in to the comunity. There were room for everyone no mather how “good” or “bad” your costume was, and even if you didn’t knew anything about historical clothing at all.

picknick - Anna SundströmPhoto: Anna Sundsröm

We were about 2oo people gattered andiIt was so nice to see all the different styles and fashions come togeter.

Me and my sister went as late 18th century ladies.DSC_9846_zpsbeccafb0She wore her Robe A La Francaise, and I took my new Robe anglaise out for its first try.

The park was beautiful, and the big old temple was just the perfect place for us all to join up.IMG_8714

IMG_8833Inside there was lots happy historicaly dressed people.

IMG_8855Me, finaly sitting down after a long walk, and even longer buss-ride to get to the temple.


IMG_8835Huge 1860s purple velvet crinoline dress. It must have been so warm and heavy, but it did look great.

IMG_8691Some 18th century people having their own litle picknick.

IMG_8720We even had some (almost) nude vikings, pirates and medieval guys.





And of course there was dancing – regency style.IMG_8696



IMG_885818th century meet 19th century swedish national costume.

IMG_8836Is it just me, or does he look like he’s after something…

IMG_8690Lovely yellow regency.

IMG_8702Faboulus light coloured Edwardian and late regency styles. Fashions about 100 years apart.

IMG_8688Two Napolietic gentlemen.

A hundred years of fashion changes.IMG_8683Johanna in 1880s and my sister in 1780s.

And I even found a dress twin.IMG_8675Even though they’re no exact match, they’re both green and white striped zone front 1780s gowns, worn with ruffeled petticoats and bergere hats. Pretty cool I think.

IMG_87241900s and 1850s grey and white dresses.

What secrets do you ladies hide underneath those big skirts…IMG_8717… it’s a woman!

Devine suroundingsIMG_8716

We also did a quick litle photoshot of our own dresses. I showed you mine yesterday, so now lets focus a bit on my sisters dress.IMG_8729



IMG_8725Big hair with flowers, butterflies and feathers – must be rococo.

IMG_8847Doing the regency but scratch (on comand I might ad).

And finaly, this is how I felt after this awesome event.IMG_8830So happy and exited, but also exhausted by all the comotions and planing to make everything about the day just right.
Hope to see some of you next year…

4 thoughts on “Multi era National days Picknick

  1. I’m so jealous when I see all the pictures from the picnic. I think I need to work on all holiday events the coming year so I can take the 6th of June off and go to Stockholm.

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