1880s Evening Accessories

When attending a grand bal you do need some more stuff then a beautiful dress.

Yes, today we will discuss accessories.vintage fashion accessories for lady

This is what I will be wearing (besides from the gown).

A pair of ivory opera glowes. They really should be made of leather but what do you do, atleast they are in a nice syntetic style which don’t look to shiney and plastic.IMG_5231

The mandetory fan. I was looking at big feathery ones,but they where either in the wrong colour or way outside my pricerange. So I will get yet another use out of my ivory lace one. IMG_5221

The shoes will be my American Duchess Kensingtons, decorated with some leftover fabric. They are about 100 years to early, but they are both comfortable and in the right colour so they will have to do. Besides, I will be wearing long skirts.IMG_5218

As a bag I plan on making my own “reticule” out of some leftover fabric from the bodice, but I haven’t started on it yet. I’m thinking something like this. prd1780-633669255943370361

As outerwear I will be re-using my brown velvet cape (it will be the 3 outing). IMG_5212

And maybe some shawls, and neckpieces depending on the weather.


I have decided not to wear a necklace (because of the style on my dress neckline) , but are thinking about some earings and maybe a brosch in the front neck.

Hm, I need to think a bit on this. But the victorian motto is “More is More”, so I may just have to take some time tomorrow away from my busy sewing schedule for shopping.


2 thoughts on “1880s Evening Accessories

  1. Love it all! Your American Duchess shoes are actually perfect for 1880s. After the centennial in 1876, 18th century-inspired shoes became really popular. The bows look great!

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