Christmas dress 2012+2013

For Christmas last year I wanted a new dress.

I searched for some inspiration and found this one.


I really liked the idea of the studds, but the rest of the dress needed some changes. I drafted a pattern close to the original and sett out to by fabric.

I decided on red velvet and studds in different shapes and sizes.

IMG_4396 IMG_4450

Then I sewed it up.

The only problem I ran into was geting the damn studds to grip into the thick fabric at the belt. But with some force and determanation I manadged to get them all in place.





Then I convinced my sister to take some photos of me out in the snow.

blä 188

blä 200

blä 228

blä 256

blä 257

blä 264


But this christmas I don’t have the time nor the energy to try to make another dress, so instead I decided to remodel the one from last year.

I didn’t really like it anyway.

The bodice was to short for my torso, putting the belt to high on my ribbcage. And the open back and sleeveless design made me feel naked and to concius of my broad shoulders.

The only thing I did like about the dress was the nice flaring and lenght of the skirt.

So the bodice needed to go.

I tryed it on once more before deciding, and then grabbed my siccors (or ripping knife), and started cutting the skirt form the bodice.


I then re-made the waistband and the zipper in the back.

And voila a nice chrismasy looking skirt.



I found a pretty white blouse on sale, and thougt of making some 50s style of hairdo. Paired with some heels and lipstick I think I have a chrismas Winner, which I will both fell pretty and comfortable in.



A Merry Christmas to you all.

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