To start with a bang…

Since this is to be my first blog post ever it seems only fitting that I make a short presentation of myself and the intended purpose of this blog.

I am an educated seamstress who have a dream that I some day will design costumes for theater. This is not a dream I’ve had all my life, but something that have gradually grown in my mind, and it is only in the last couple of years I have started to work towards this goal.

I grew up in a really small village in Sweden  together with my 4 siblings. My only brother could not have had the easiest time dealing whit 4 crazy sisters every day. I knew early that I wanted to do things with my hands like drawing, building models with Lego and clay. My parents got so tired of me constantly showing them my drawings that they even stopped looking at them – I don’t blame them, I must have been really annoying at times.

When I got older I pursued this interest but with a twist – I attended the Fashion and sewing program at the nearest high school, and then went on to study advanced pattern making. After I moved back I worked for a while in an bridal shop, and then went to the capital to study fashion at the university. And once again circumstances brought me back to (almost) my home town. Right now I’m working at the theater as a call in seamstress, ticket seller, tour leader and everything in between.

My reason to start this blog is to have some place to showcase my work and hopefully learn a lot about sewing and writing along the way. My main priority is historical sewing – more or less historically accurate, but there will probably even be some “modern” sewing and life stuff in here too.

So without further a do – welcome, and let the blogging begin…

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One thought on “To start with a bang…

  1. Hey! I just found your blog via Lauren on American Duchess, and I see that you either live or regularly visit Linköping! I used to live there with my (now) husband a couple of years ago! He went to university there and then worked for Combitech/SAAB! Too bad you weren’t blogging 3 years ago, I would have loved for a local sewing partner. Anyways, it’s been really nice looking through your pictures and seeing my old home from a different perspective. 🙂 Take Care!

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