1780s White IKEA anglaise

Photo By Elin Evaldsdottra

1780s White IKEA robe Anglaise

Pattern: I drafted my own using a old self made pattern as a starting point.

Fabric: 1 white flowery printed cotton bed sheet from IKEA (approximately 3,5 x 1,5 m), 0,5 m regular white cotton for lining and 0,5 m heavy upholster fabric for interlining.

Notions: Thread, 11 pair of hook and eyes and 1,5 m of plastic boning.

Time: Since it is completely hand stitched the amount of time is much higher then my usual projects. I will take a educated guess at 25 hours counting low.
Edit: 6 hours to re-make and re-fit the whole bodice.

Worn: spring 2014 for photos, summer 2017 for photos and an 18th century event.

Final Thoughts: I’m not thrilled about it.
The back pleating looks a bit sad, and the en fourreau back is not one of my greatest accomplishments. I think I will have to re-make the entire back of the gown before wearing it for real.
I also think the front point should be longer and more pronounced, even if that’s something I can live with for now.
I do however like the shape and setting of the newly drafted sleeves. And the fabric of this gown just look so soft and beautiful.

Made 2014
Re-made 2017

1780s white IKEA Anglaise – Construction
1780s white IKEA Anglaise – Photoshoot 2014
1780s white IKEA Anglaise – Re-make
1780s white IKEA Anglaise – Photoshoot 2017