1490s Italian Gown

Photo By Maria Petersson

1490s-1500 Italian renaissance Gown

Gowns like this was worn in the late 15th century Italy. They where worn by all classes and only the material and decorations differated the wealthy with the less so.
The gown is cut high under he bust and laces shut in the front. The skirt is pleated to the bodice and gives a tall and “pregnant” look. The sleeves where tied on and could be slashed, parted and heavely decorated.
Women would aslo wear a chemise and sometimes an under petticoat with the gown, and accesorize it with veils, headbands and juwellry.

This gown is inspired by the TV series “The Borgia”.

Pattern: I drafted my own, using “The Tudor Tailor” for reference on the bodice.

Fabric & Notions: 4 m light blue satin (1 m wide) 1,5 m striped brocade, 0,5 m white cotton for lining and interlining.
Thread, buttonhole thread, 6 m silvery ribbon for ties, 3 m golden ribbon for front lacing, 3 m cotton lacing for internal lacing, 12 lacing rings, 2 m plastic boning, 0,5 m steel boning and 4 m blue furniture braid for decoration.

How historical accurate: Not that much I’m afraid. The fabric are all modern (polyester) and the sewing and construction was made using modern techniques and sewing machine. The style of dress are plausible but probably borderline fantasy.
Maybe 5/10

Time: About 20 hours over the course of 1,5 month, working in small batches of maximum 1 hour at the time, due to my newborn son needing my attention.

First worn: For photos mid August (2016) and at a Medieval Fair a few days later.

Final Thoughts: I actually like it even though I feel a bit top heavy in it. The neckline ended up to low, and the way it closes in the front are not the best solution.
But I think it looks great with all its decoration and soft colors.

Made 2016

1490s Italian gown – Construction Part 1
1490s Italian gown – Construction Part 2
1490s Italian gown – Headwear
1490s Italian gown – Photoshoot