1780s Black Robe Anglaise

Photo By: Fashion through Herstory

1780s Black Robe Anglaise

Pattern: “JP Ryan 1780s Robe Anglaise”, with small changes like making the bodice Zone front, and the skirt into a roundgown.

Fabric: 4 of black polyester taffeta, 1 of black poly velvet, 1 m of black cotton for lining.
0,5 of white cotton for the chemisett and cuffs.

Notions: Thread, hooks and eyes, 3 of black ribbon ties, 3 bones for the bodice and white ties for the chemisett.

How historical accurate: The fabrics are all wrong and the gown is mostly machine sewn, but the pattern are good and the over all look of the gown is plausble.
The styling is modern with the braids and collared chemisett

Time: About 8 hours start to finish

Worn: mid October (2021) for photos

Final thoughts: I’m not super thrilled about how the gown came out – the fit of the bodice is not up to my standard and might need a re-work later on. I do like the look of the 18th century Wenedsday Addams though.

Made in 2021

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