1530s Red Kirtle

Photo By Elin Evaldsdottra

1530s Red kirtle

The Kirtle was a staple for both the common people and the higher classes during the 16th century.
Only the quality and amount of fabric and decoration differ between the rich and the poorer.
The bodice is lightly boned and laces shut at the front. The skirt is pleated to the bodice and have an opening at the front to accomodate dressing.

Fabric: 3m of red cotton twill. 1m of brown cotton for the apron. And 40 cm of white/ivory cotton for the coif.

Pattern: Kirtle – “The Tudor Tailor” Basic women´s clothing – kirtle and petticoats.
Coif – “The Tudor Tailor” Hats and headwear – Henrician coif with plane brim.

Notion: Kirtle – brown buttonhole-thread for the handmade eyelets, plastic boning in the front, and brown cord for the front closure.
Apron – Brown thread.
Coif – White thread, thin steal wire for the shaping.

Historical accurate: Pretty good (except for the cotton fabrics, which should have been wool and linen). Lots of hand sewing and historical methods where used. The Apron and Coif are totally handmade, and so are all the visual seams on the Kirtle.

Hours: About 20 for everything (3 hours each on the apron and coif).

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