1450S Burgundian

Photo By Elin Evaldsdottra

1450s-1500 Burgundian Gown

Gowns like this was worn as a lose garment over a tight fitted Kirtle and shift.
They where often fur trimmed and hold together below the bust by a belt.

Pattern: Self drafted based on patterns and diagrams from “The Medieval Tailor assistant”

Fabric & Notions: 5 m of Burgundy cotton sateen, 2 m of faux fur and thread

Time: 10 hours of patterndrafting, cutting, machine and hand sewing.

Final thoughts: I really like this type of gown. It looks so elegant and beautiful, and since it doesn’t require any particular fitting I can wear it both with and without the baby bump.

Made 2018

Burgundian Gown Construction
Burgundian Gown Finished Photos