1350s Green Cotehardie

Photo By Elin Evaldsdottra

1350s-1450s Cotehardie

The Cotehardie or Cote is an over gown made from wool and worn over a kirtle and a shift.
They could be made with long or short sleeves, buttoned or laced shut at the sleeves and front. They where worn by all classes and made out of wool or silk for the upper class.

Pattern: Drafted my own based on the “Cotehardie” pattern from “The Medieval Tailor’s Assistant”.

Fabric: 3m of green wool and some cotton scraps for facings.

Notions: Thread, buttonhole thread and 30 self made cloth buttons.

How historical accurate: Pretty good.
The dress is completely hand sewn, with historical methods. I do however think the fabric is a bit thick for this type of dress. 7/10

Time: About 30 hours

Worn: I’ve worn this dress on several occasions through the years. Both for dance performances, Medieval fairs and for a big Fiest back in 2013.

Made autumn 2013

Medieval Cotiehardie – Construction Dress
Medieval Cotehardie – Hair and veil
Medieval Cotiehardie – Photoshoot