Theatre – “True Colors”

This spring I’m working with two awesome plays, made buy awesome people, in the best possible theater there is.
Here are a quick glimpse of the first one:
true_960x480_webb_0It’s a monologue, played buy the fabulous Anja Rajic’, right now on tour in classrooms all over our region.
_06a5595The play is about a teenage girl, Laura, who needs to deal with her school, homework, dancing lessons, food control and life in general.
And of course her overprotective mother…_06a5867character of Mother

…and boyfriend…_06a5918character of Boyfriend

And the fact that her parents refuse to approve him because of his color._06a6162_0

The play uses quick changes in lighting colors, moods and characters, Salsa dancing and the enormous dress to tell the story of  family, racism, growing up…._06a6005

..and most of all love_06a6268“You know, Angels are in both our religions, Christians and Muslims, they guarding over all of us…”