Belgrade Vacation

I’m recently back from a weeks vacation in Belgrad – Serbia.
I’m not going to tell you all about it except it was wonderful.

We did lots of touristing and walking around the city trying to see and experiencing everything.
Here are some photos.

2015-07-12_21.41.49_resized_1Photo collage from day 2

Fabric store!2015-07-16_15.55.18_resizedSo beautiful (and expensive) beaded chiffon’s

“The fort of Belgrad”20150715_062027_resizedSo Beautiful – and the view from the top of the cliff is even better.

20150713_161902_resizedIn the underground bunker

20150713_111819_resizedBombed building in the central part of Belgrad.

20150714_131212_resizedHuge Church/temple “Sveti Sava” – Saint Sava

We even squeezed in a couple of morning runs.20150715_060213_resizedYes, that’s 6 pm!

IMG_7576The view from top of the oldest part of the city.









IMG_7717Yep, that’s a football ticket…
I agreed to join my boyfriend for my first real football match.

20150714_193107_resizedLots of policemen at the football arena – Well, I felt pretty safe….;-)


Non historic Vaccation (part 1)

In the beginning of july, me and my boyfriend went on a vaccation to Becici, Montenegro. We spent one week in the sunny/hot climate of the south of europe.

After about 12 hours of travel (buss, buss, buss, plane & buss) we arrived in the evening at our hotell. After a good night sleep, we went for a walk in the beautiful weater to discover the sourandings.

IMG_9919Our hotell (view from one of the resturants)

IMG_9918We had acces to several pools, tennis yards, and the beach strip right outside the gates.

IMG_9929Me on our beach walk.

It was really hot and sunny, and everything looked like something form a cataloge.IMG_9935

Pretty turqoise wather and rocks.IMG_9933

 A few days later we went on a sightseeing trip to the Croatia (which borders to Montenegro) and the fairytale city Dubrovnic.

IMG_9750A fishing wilage we passed through on the buss ride to Dubrovnic.

IMG_9824Dubrovnic seen from the road.

IMG_9822Lots of orange roofs.

The whole town is built inside a fortres and have high walls and towers looking out over the sea.
If you ever watched Game of Thrones you might know wat I mean when I say it looked a lot like “Kings landing”.IMG_9801

We folowed on a guided tour in the city and got to see lots of pretty bulidings and learn a lot of the citys history.IMG_9760An old church.

IMG_9795And the bell tower.

IMG_9770The chatedral with the city saint on top.

IMG_9766And a knight watching outside.

IMG_9772Lovely marble work on this column.

We were guided through a museum with a beautiful inside garden, and lovely artwork both on the colums and on the walls.IMG_9761



Then we got some time to explore the city on our own.IMG_9785There was lots of narrow alleys. windling up and down between the houses.


We got to se some tourist entertaing.IMG_9793

And do some shopping (even though we didn’t buy a thing).IMG_9789“Game of thrones” anyone…

Love these beautiful masks.IMG_9791


It was such a nice (but a bit to hot) day, and we enjoyed walking around admiring the veiw and eating ice-cream.IMG_9804

Then we once more got on the bus for the 2 hours buss ride back to the hotell.IMG_9775The beautiful port of Dubrovnic.

The pictures from the last days of our trip will be shown in my next post.