French mourning Veil – for a work party

On the week before my worked closed for summer, we had a big party – celebration our boss, who was quitting.

The theme of the party was sorrow, theater, nostalgia.
Me and the other girls at the office decided to focus on sorrow (because our beloved boss was leaving) and agreed on dress in mourning with a small black veil each.

The task of making the veils landed on me – well, I volunteered.

Here is what I did:
I started by cutting a piece of french veil approx 50 cm long, and stitched a gathering stitch through both short and one long side.

Then I pulled the thread and gathered it tight, and secured it with some stitches.20150607_211546_resized

Then I made a bow of some scrap bias tape (I also used lace and silk ribbons) 20150607_212102_resized

I stitched the bow to the veil.20150607_212158_resized

And Voila – Done20150607_212651_resized


20150607_212709_resizedUnfortunately I didn’t had enough french net for all five veils, so I used regular tulle for some of them.

IMG_1002Thankfully the tulle veil looked pretty good to.

Then it was time for the part…IMG_1092Attaching the veils using bobby-pins worked wonderfully.




IMG_1007Group picture

IMG_1091Yep, that’s my work desk right behind me.
Who knew my office could be turned into a nightclub in just a few hours.




IMG_1033Sorrow-Selfie with my boss.

My work – ung scen/öst

By now, you’ll probably all know that I work in theater.
But you might not know which one and what I do -So lets take it from the top.

For about 2,5 years I’ve been working at Östgötateaterns children department –
ungscen-logo(“young stage in the east”)

It’s a well renounced theater, who make plays for all children and teenagers in our area.
I’ve written about some of the plays here: “Rose Rose Rose“, “Mitt hjärtas okända Arkiv“, “Marken Brinner“, “True Colors” and “Revolution“.

20150508_145549_resizedCoffee break in the public hallway (while decortaion for a childrens festival)

And What is my job?
The first guess would be something concerning the costume athelie.
And I did work there as a seamstress for bout half a year in 2012, before I transferred to ung scen/öst .

Here I’ve done all sorts of work, starting as a usher at the plays. Then I helped out at the office as assisting project manager and back up tour conductor. During this time I had about three different job descriptions at the same time.

After a while I got the job as tour conductor for  “Sexigt på Riktigt” and later “En Jobbdröm“, where I traveled to schools all over the area to help the actors perform the plays.

Then another job opening came my way – the job as full time Production assistant, which I got and started on right away.
So, for about a year now I’ve been doing anything I can to make everything run smooth at the theater.
I’ve designed newsletters, planed premiere party’s, and dinners, written meetings rapports, edited the webpage, Facebook and Instagram account (Follow us here), answered the “Info” phone and mail, made coffee and bought all sorts of gifts. I’m also in charge of all the short time staffs apartments and keys.
In short – if you have a question and or need help with something – I’m the person to ask.

And I love it!

The job can be so stressful and frustration sometimes, but it’s also so rewarding and fun (also, you don’t really have time to dwell on old things, just keep looking forward).
But the biggest reason I get on my bike with a smile every morning is my wonderful co-workers.IMG_0971Afterwork at the big theater festival (which I will tell you about i  my next post)

Everyone is so great – the actors, the technicians and the designers – everyone (Really – I mean, how many can say that they love ALL of their co-workers?), but my heart goes out the most to my closest alleys at the office
– Maria, Elin Jenny and Sara.

IMG_20150611_180056_resizedMaria, Sara and Elin (and me) having a bear together the first hour of summer vacation.

The high workload and pace at the office do sometimes take it’s tool, leaving one or more of us so frustrated.
We had both good and bad times together, but knowing that we always can rely on each-other for almost anything is so great. It’s allowed to break down once in a while (hey, we all done it), and the you get help back onto your feet.


IMG_1086Champagne in the sun at the annual staff day.

I think the main reason for this great work-relationship is all the activities we do besides work.
We love to just hang out and do fun stuff together.IMG_1089Ignore my stupid and sad look

Like running “Blodomloppet” together this spring.
I’ve been practicing running pretty hard this spring, and thought it would be a fun thing if we did the yearly race together at work. Let’s just say that running was not something a lot of them liked to do…
In the end we were 5 runners (all running at their own distance/time) and about 10 cheerleaders.
We all had such a great time, both running and waiting around the finishing area in the sun, that everyone agreed this would be a new tradition.IMG_0993The five Victors!
(And guess what – I was the fastest one, polishing my personal record with about a minute :-))

IMG_0998Finish line is within reach…

20150521_201327_resizedYay! I won!

This spring/summer I also got a crazy surprise “Party” for my birthday.
Since everyone (except me) was out in the park working at the “Handicapped children s day” we wouldn’t manged the traditional lunch out for my birthday.

But about a hour after lunch Maria called me and asked me to come to the park, to help pack all the stuff.
I arrived 10 minutes later and found only three people there, working on taking down the huge tent. I started helping, and was asked to get the ladder in the train…
And surprise!
Out jumps 10 of my co-workers, all dressed up in masks and hats, singing “Happy birthday”.11351457_10153380998218958_5272485903652490089_nI laughts so hard.
(even though I of course knew something like this was  going to happened…)

Than we all had cinnamon buns and juice.
IMG_0992Birthday selfie

Then me and the “office” went out for some ice’creamIMG_0994

Once we got back to work after celebrating, I also got a present 20150605_151650_resizedPink (Yikes) running and sewing gear – Oh how well they knew me 🙂

IMG_1090Posing with my new running gears.

Can a workplace be better then this?