Shoes on a Bargain

I follow quite a few historic groups on facebook, including a great “Buy and sell group” for people living in Sweden.

About two weeks ago I found the best ad ever.

A pair of American duchess black “Kensington” in my size, for about half what it would have cost me o order them over seas.
They even came with “Valois” shoe buckles.

I’ve been dreaming of adding a pair of these to my growing historical wardrobe. So I hurried and snatched them up.

A few days later they arrived.

20150221_11231220150221_112321Looking so pure and perfect.

So, last week (while preparing for my “Redingote photoshoot“) I got ready to attach the buckles using the tutorial from AD-homepage.

AD-valois-shoe-bucklesPic from American Duchess site.

Using a small awl to make wholes in the tongue for the buckle. 20150221_112254

I had a bit trouble to get the buckle to sit nicely without making the tongue pucker.20150221_112113

Since I didn’t wanted to put to much pressure on my new shoes I practiced on my well used white 18th century shoes.
Yay, it worked (with some mild force and determination).

IMG_5723I’m so happy with my new shoes, and love them to death.

Shoes – Perfect Inperfects

A pacage came to my door. It had come all the way from America and I feelt lika a child at christmas opening it up.


Of course, I already knew what was waiting inside but couldn’t help jumping up and down out of pure joy.

It was my brand new “imperfect” shoes from American Duchess.

One… IMG_0111

…and two!IMG_0114

Look at those lovely shoe boxes, such beautiful color.

And inside…IMG_0119

My beautiful white Kensingtons. IMG_0102


I mentioned they were “imperfects” – I got them on sale because they were damadged, or in other way did not live up to the Duchess quality standards.

After some seearcing I found the “problem”…IMG_0121…A tiny smear of glue on the inside of the heel. Not something anyone will ever notice.

I also got these pretty pacages.IMG_0123

The brown little box (I got two of them) contained these lovely stockings in white and pale blue.IMG_0126

And the little blue velvett bag contained these sparkeling shoe buckles.IMG_0125

And in the other shoe box?

My beloved Gibson in black (which I already shown you a glimps of earlier).IMG_0131


And as with the Kensingtons I needed to search the shoes to find the “imperfects”. Im not quite sure, but I think it may be these little wrinkles in the leather at the sides.IMG_0208

So there you have it – my magical box of wounderful things is opened.IMG_0132And I can’t wait to take them all out for a try.