French mourning Veil – for a work party

On the week before my worked closed for summer, we had a big party – celebration our boss, who was quitting.

The theme of the party was sorrow, theater, nostalgia.
Me and the other girls at the office decided to focus on sorrow (because our beloved boss was leaving) and agreed on dress in mourning with a small black veil each.

The task of making the veils landed on me – well, I volunteered.

Here is what I did:
I started by cutting a piece of french veil approx 50 cm long, and stitched a gathering stitch through both short and one long side.

Then I pulled the thread and gathered it tight, and secured it with some stitches.20150607_211546_resized

Then I made a bow of some scrap bias tape (I also used lace and silk ribbons) 20150607_212102_resized

I stitched the bow to the veil.20150607_212158_resized

And Voila – Done20150607_212651_resized


20150607_212709_resizedUnfortunately I didn’t had enough french net for all five veils, so I used regular tulle for some of them.

IMG_1002Thankfully the tulle veil looked pretty good to.

Then it was time for the part…IMG_1092Attaching the veils using bobby-pins worked wonderfully.




IMG_1007Group picture

IMG_1091Yep, that’s my work desk right behind me.
Who knew my office could be turned into a nightclub in just a few hours.




IMG_1033Sorrow-Selfie with my boss.