“Like a clockwork” – My Halloween costume 2014


I liked the simplicity of last years costume so much, I decided to do something similar this year.
And the choice fell to “A clockwork Orange”


The style from the movie are pretty distinctive, with its white clothing and braces combined with black headwear and susp.a-clockwork-orangeX

And as usual you can find lots of sexy versions of this outfit online.

I however found some styles I liked better.67942


d01ac2ece62f7bfabb95197ed03de711Love this picture

funniestAdorable kids

tumblr_kvfxx9ExDg1qzudg0o1_400Got milk…

It’s a pretty simple costume all in all. y
The only thing I needed to buy was a cane and some white pants, the rest I got from my boyfriends closet and my costume stash.

mqdefaultNow it’s time to practice that make-up…