Furniture paint job

During the (rainy) summer vacation this year, I decided to try to spice up out balcony, by painting the oh so neglected furniture.

I knew I wanted something nice and summery, and after some searching through the paint stores, I decided on three nice pastel colors.IMG_7785lavender, turquoise and aqua.

Then I waited for the rains to stop.
Before I got to the fun pat of painting I needed to clean the furniture. Using soap and sponge I scrubbed away years of dirt, tuning the water into a disgusting black hue.
The it was onto the paint. IMG_7778Table soon to become turquoise.

IMG_7776And blue for the chair

IMG_7777And purple for the other one.

IMG_7784Don’t you just love the color explosion seeing them together.

Once the weather cleared I even got some nice pictures in the sun. IMG_7821I’m so happy with this whole project. It went so fast and easy and the color combination makes me smile (even my boyfriend approves).

Hopefully We got some sunny weekend left this summer/fall for breakfast and reading on the balcony.IMG_7820