2 years celebration! (with gift lottery)

Today my blog turns 2 years!


It seams just yesterday I wrote my 1 years post, time flies when you’r up to something fun, as we say here in Sweden.

And as always much has happened, both on the blog and in my personal life.

This past year I’ve:
Got an promotion at work (still as a temp, but hopefully not for much longer), in which I’ve learnt to plan big parties, host huge festivals, juggle a budget and a lot more.
I’ve Moved to a bigger apartment together my boyfriend (ok, not exactly within this year but anyway), with who I’m soon to celebrate 10 years!
Seen my very first (and probably last) movie, in which I worked as costume designer, premiere.
And got a little nice to adore an dot on.

And sewing wise:
I’ve learnt how to make baby clothes.
Started buying and using period correct patterns, and are now totally hooked on the fast and easy way to sew.
I’ve begun teaching a sewing class focusing on historical clothing.
I’ve started attend Historical gathering on my own – without a supportive friend to hold my hand.
Planed and are soon to host my very first Historical event.
And of course developed a lot as a seamstress and hobbyist costumer.

I also started a facebook-page for my blog (www.facebook.com/blog.fashionthroughhistory)

And of course the year have also brought some though times (which you get a glimpse of in my last post – “The myth of perfection”), but over all it’s been great.

My blog and facebook statistic and followers are constantly growing, and I want to thank you all who take your time to read and comment on my posts and pics. Without you, this blog would not exist.

As for today I also celebrate 250 blogg followers, and 160 facebook followers. Yay!

So, in celebration of all my lovely followers and my two years of blogging I wanted to do a little lottery.
I had one about a year ago, when I reached 100 followers, and this one will be similar.

The rules:

All you need to do to participate is writing me a comment and answering these two questions:

* What kind of posts do you like the best on this blog? (Inspiration posts, Photoshoot posts, dress diary’s or random rant ect.)

* What topic/theme would you like me to post about more (or to browse for the first time)?

Please also write your name (or nickname) so I can announce you if you win.

You got 7 days to do so, then on the evening of May 19 (Swedish time) I will draw one name at random from a bowl and announce the winner here on the blog and facebook.
(I will then contact the winner to get the shipping info and adress.)

The price:

Past Patterns nr 708 – mid 19th century stays (1840-1870s)IMG_6476The pattern is brand new and multi-sized and will hopefully fit almost everyone (with the mandatory changes of the mock-up of course).

I have still to make a corset from this pattern, but what I’ve seen from others making it, it seems pretty straight forward once you mastered the gussets.

Good luck!