A Farytale inspiration

For the HSF 6th challenge: Farytale, I thought of doing something for “The Litle Mermaid” Ariel.


She does have some pretty dresses during the course of the Disney movie.images (2)“The Towns Dress”

jennifer-lawrence-the-little-mermaidThe Sail dress” (and I love this picture with Jennifer Lawrens “Golden globe dress” being compared to it)

pink-dress“The Dinner Dress”

867738_1320010680339_fullAnd “The Wedding dress”

Then there are lots of pretty styles designed by various artist around the world.

images (1)Aqua balgown

Vogue_ArielFashionista Ariel

tumblr_myvk7e3OCC1rgdjn8o2_r1_1280Steampunk Ariel.

And my favourite…there__s_something_about_her_by_shoomlah-d3dmwpdEdwardian Ariel.

Tis was the dress I originaly planed to make for this challenge But after mocking up the pattern on my dressform, and hating it, I decided to go in another direction.

So I started to search for sutable designs.

wedding_dress__ariel_by_zhevickmeister-d77vmlnThis dress is one step up in accuracy from the previous one.

And from there the step to real dresses was not that far.








And finaly arriving at this beautiful photo of two lovely edwardian ladies.b494ff618d0617fcfd3b9dc06ed0a0f5I decided to try to reproduce the left one.

So now it is back to the sewing room…