Grecian Chiton (Aka The “Liberty Dress”) (HSM 4/2017)

For the HSM nr 4/2017 – Circles, Squares and rectangles I (for once) knew straight away what I wanted to make.

A Grecian Chiton.

I’ve been wanting to expand my horizon (time-wise) and make some older things, so this challenge was the perfect opportunity for that.

I also wanted to make things as easy as I could, and needed to use material that I already own to cut down on both cost and effort while I tried to keep up with the challenges and taking care of my little one at the same time.

The fabric I choose was a beautiful jewel toned polyester charmouse(?) which I bought a few years back, in the hopes to make an Edwardian evening gown. That didn’t happened, and since I didn’t find anything else that would be more suitable for this project, that’s what I settled on.
The color is much more aqua in real life

I didn’t take any in progress photos, since the whole dress basically came together in one afternoon.
I just cut two lengths of fabric (150cm wide) and stitched them together at the sides, felled the seams hemmed the top and bottom, and added some beads at intervals along the upper edge to make for decoration.

And that was that.
Un-belted but finished

The finished dress:

Once one the dressform for photos I realize the fabric had the exact shade as the Statue of Liberty  So with a few extra details and some excess fabric I now give you РThe Liberty Dress

Challenge: HSM nr 4/2017 – Circles, Squares and Rectangles

What: A Grecian Chiton

How it fit the challenge: The garment’s just two rectangles stitched together.

Pattern: None, used two widths of fabric.

Fabric & Notions: 2,5 m of aqua colored polyester charmouse, thread and perl-buttons for decoration. I also used a brown cotton string to tie around the waist.

How historical accurate: Not much.
The shape and hand stitching is right, but the fabric’s ALL wrong and should have been really thin linnen instead of plastic. 4/10.

Time & cost: It took about 3 hours (all hand-stitching) and since the fabric came from my stash it was basically free ( I think I payed 100 Sek/m (10Usd) for it at one time)

First worn: Late June for photos

Final thoughts:¬†It’s such a basic dress and so simple. Yet I wish I’d had some better fabric for this project. But sometimes you just got to use what you have.