SHOP – 18th Century Skirt Supports & Petticoats

Several kinds of 18th century skirt supports
& Petticoats

Pic your choice amongst several kinds of “fals bums” and petticoats,
to achive that perfect 18th century siluett.

All are made in white cotton fabric and ties at the waist with cotton laces.


Pocket Hoops:

Size: All
Material: White cotton and metal boning

Price: 650 Sek


Split Bum:

Size: –
Material: Cotton shell stuffed with polyester bating.

Price: 400 Sek



Size: –
Material: White cotton, stuffed with either bathing or cotton scraps

Price: 350 Sek


Small/thin Bumpad

Material: cotton shell stuffed with polyester bating or quilted fabric.

Price: 300 Sek


Under Petticoat (for Pocket hoops):

Material: White Cotton

Price with flounce: 650 Sek
Price without flounce: 550 Sek


Under Petticoat (For split bum/bumpad):

Size: –
Material: White Cotton

Price with flounce: 600 Sek
Price without flounce: 500 Sek


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