Upcoming Events

“The day of the big Crinolines” 2019
“Stora Krinolindagen” 2019

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Below is a list of some of the different historical events and dance recitals I’ve been attending through the years.

In order of event date (starting with the earliest, with the latest on top)

The Officers Ball (fall 2017)
Blogpost coming soon

Light party at Ljungs castle (summer 2017)

Söderköpings Medieval Fair (summer 2017)

The Day of the Big Crinolines (summer 2017)

1750-1850s Spring ball (spring 2017)

Söderköpings Medieval Fair (summer 2016)

18th century/Regency Dance recital (spring 2016)

Söderköpings Medieval Fair (10 years celebration) (summer 2015)IMG_8308

Kulture Festival & Dance Recital 2015 (summer 2015)IMG_8204

America Day – Those Who Stayed Behind (summer 2015)

The day of the Big Crinolines part 1 & part 2 (summer 2015)

Spring coffee in Old Town (spring 2015)IMG_6170

Mr Jakob Bergs Funeral (autumn 2014)jennifer garner 2

Regency ball (fall 2014)IMG_3804

Bal a la Turque (fall 2014)Jenifer garnier 2

Medieval Fair and Dance Recidal (summer 2014)

Cultural Festival & Regency Dance (summer  2014)IMG_1716b

Victorian-isch Picnic (summer 2014)IMG_0348

Regency Dance recidal (summer 2014)IMG_9107

19th century Day & Dance recidal (summer 2014)IMG_8989

Mulit era Historic Picknic (summer 2014)picknick - Anna Sundström

Medieval Fair (spring 2014)IMG_8232

Suffragett Luncheon (spring 2014)IMG_8118

Oscardian bal” (winter 2014)1723789_607606335955867_1883239920_n

19th century Christmas Party (winter 2013)IMG_4323

Medieval Feast (fall 2013)IMG_3287

Regency “Mickelsmäss” Dance recidal (fall 2013)IMG_2240

Titanic Exhibition (summer 2013)4

One thought on “Events

  1. You are a beautiful shiny and bright in every era of human history from the times of fashion, but how are you in the current era? And Roman? And Pharaonic? And Greek? And the Persian? The Turkish? The Turkish Ottoman? Where are you?
    Actually seen through you (beautiful elegance date)

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