What’s in Store… (pun intended)

Exiting things are happening with “Fashion through History” this year.

You might already have noticed some change in this sites appearance.
After 3 years of the same fonts and images I thought it was time to update a bit.
With pictures I’ve taken myself, which means I own the rights to – That’s A good thing 😉 

I also made myself a logo:
Noting fancy but it does the work.
Now I just have to learn how to watermark my images…

What you might not have noticed (or maybe you have), are the new blog adress (fashionthroughhistory.com)
That’s right, I’ve gone the distance and finally gotten rid of the “WordPress.com” ending.
Hopefully the transition will go smoothly and you don’t have to change anything in your saves/bookmarks ect.
(please let me know if you’r having trouble finding the blog).

But why all the changes/updates suddenly?

Here’s why:

After many years of dreaming, but being to much of a chicken to really get to it, I’d finally dicided to open my own costuming/sewing business!

(Omg! what have I gotten myself into!!!!)

I will start in minimum scale with an online web-shop here on the blog (just added to the top-bar).

For the time being I will only sell my own “old” costumes (another pun), but I plan to expand soon to more solid stock items and brand new garments.
And maybe sometime in the future I’ll even take commissions :-).

Because of the business regulations here in Sweden, I will only be selling to people located in Sweden to start with.
If everything goes well, I hope in the future to be able to do businesses with people all over the world.

Something that won’t be changing though, is the continuously entering of new blog posts (loaded with pictures), the occasional book-review and lots and lots of (lovely) costumes.

Lastly I just want to say “Thank you”! to all of you who’s following me and encouraging me in my costuming adventure.  Now, go and shop 😉


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