Experimenting with (modern) baby clothes

As I stated way back in January, this year will be filled with jersey and snaps (in stead of ball gowns and corsets).

I promise I won’t bore you with it all, but for this one post, showing my first batch of baby clothes for my newborn child.

Lets just start by stating that – Buying nice baby fabric is hard!
Especially if you don’t want “blue cars” or “pink princesses”, but still would like some color in your kids wardrobe.
Although I live how a small amount of fabric (like 1 m) basically gives you a whole set of clothes, including body, pants, romper and hat.

After some frustration in the beginning, I did find some nice fabrics in a “not to obvious gender specific” print/color.
IMG_9712Some of the sourced fabrics. Aren’t they cute 🙂

Alongside the fabrics I also bought a few basic patterns, which I would use as a base and the alter for size and style as I grew more comfortable working with stretch fabric and baby sizing.IMG_9745Bodice taken in to make for a smaller size.

Al of these pieces are first tries at the pattern, so a lot of strange sizing is going on which I will have to fix until next time. I find it really strange how different pattern company’s make a standard baby size 56 in totally different size/proportions.

Anyway – this is what I’ve made (so far)

A simple hatIMG_9737

3 bodys (using 2 different patterns)IMG_9830


2 rompers (and a third one on its way)IMG_9833


3 pair of pants20160714_103251_resized



Speaking of different proportions to the same size…
IMG_9743 IMG_9744

And a jacket/sweatshirtIMG_9732IMG_9735

And here are proof that, at least one (so far) of the pieces, fits my baby boy.20160713_155916_resizedHe is 5 weeks by now (OMG!)

It’s so fast and rewarding to make these clothes.
I mean one body in an hour, and pants and hats even less, how could that not be fun.

9 thoughts on “Experimenting with (modern) baby clothes

  1. Have you tried Ottobre design for kids clothes patterns? They are the best. 🙂 Love seeing posts from you after a while.

  2. Good work! Long ago I dressed my babies in a lot of flannelette, with nighties, bags for over their legs with straps that went over their shoulders, most of which I made myself. Your little fellow looks really sweet!

  3. Well done! I loooooove the fabric. I don’t have kids of my own (yet?) but I do not want super gender specific colors or patterns. I just want fun stuff! My mom made all my clothes back in the 80s and my mother-in-law and I were just commenting on how no one makes their own baby clothes anymore, so when I saw your post, I was super excited. Keep up the great work. I look forward to more of your creations.

    1. Yeah me to! Admittedly I won’t put a bow in my sons hair or make him a pink skirt (until he asks me to), but otherwise I don’t really care what items of clothing “belongs” to a specific gender.
      There re no way for me to make all his clothes but I hope to at least be able to have a few self made items in each size for him as he grows.

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