Theathre: There once lived a Drama Queen

Even though I haven´t had enough energy for sewing lately, I´ve been working hard in some other aspects of my life.
Like work.
We just came out of a really stressful period with two big premieres in only one week, so while I cool down (and take some much needed rest) here are some pictures of our latest productions:

“There once lived a Drama Queen”

Is a humorous kids play about two time travelers from the future who´s set on destroying every last emotion and lingering feeling in our time – because, as they say, “Feelings are an un-necessary human appendage”.


But they did not anticipate the arrival of Mz Drama “The worlds last Drama Queen”.


The journey which starts with the hunt to destroy feelings…





Soon ends in a storm of laughter, anger, hysteria, sadness, love and tears.


I think this play has such an important message (especially in this cold world we now seem to live in) that we all need feelings to be human, and that it might not always be easy, but it´s much better to have them then being cold and emotionless.
And above all, that we should never be afraid of showing them.

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