“Rose Rose Rose” and the Stage Biennial

In Sweden everyone working in theater know about the big Stage Biennial which take place every other year, and gathers the industry for a week of intense lectures, theater plays and party’s.


A year in advance a jury select the 15-20 best plays from everything that’s being performed right then.
And this year our play “Rose Rose Rose” was selected!


We were so happy!

It’s a great honor to be selected and every theater awaits the result with both hope and fear – since being chosen also can be a hugely expensive and inconvenient since you need to once more build, rehearse and then move the play to the city were the Stage biennial is hold.


So after weeks of preparation behind the scenes, the actors was called in to one week of rehearsals before packing the scenery into the trucks and leave for the Biennial.

Once there the technicians put the whole thing back together in just one day, then the actors did one final rehearsal in the scenery, me and my office girls decorated the lobby for the audience, before it was time to start the show.     IMG_0919The lobby pimped and ready.

IMG_0923My o-workers awaiting the audience just minutes before the show’s about to start.

Everything went perfect, and everyone loved it. We even got quite a few nice reviews in the paper.
IMG_0929My boss, and the shows director giving a toast after the play.
(Guess who prepared, bought, carried and handed out all the bottles and candy…. yep, me)

After the first show, everything just ran perfectly, and we even had time to watch some of the other shows plying, an of course attend the party.

scenkonstbiennalen22-1024x682Actors at the afterparty

IMG_0934Me and two of the technicians chilling whit some beer.

We did watch a lot of plays during our week, but it was one in particular that really stuck with me. X-affisch-lr“X” or  “Swedish History X” by Unga Klara.

The play was awesome, fun, tragic and horrible all at the same time.
Addressing the sometimes dark past of our Swedish history – from race biology, to slavery and not helping refugees during WWII. It also draw very scary and true parallels to us living today in a not so tolerant and nice country as we sometimes would like to think.

Performing this play for teenagers (as it’s originally meant to do) is so important –
Let us never forget our past so we can learn from it to change the future.

x18th century “pigs” holding court.

Then we did some more partying 🙂

IMG_0933Jenny and me at the last nights party.

After months of preparations, and a week full of last minutes fixes, plays, seminars and party’s, I was pretty tired and spent the whole weekend in bed, before heeding back to the office at Monday morning to prepare for the last weeks of evaluations, cleaning and finishing of before summer.

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