1850-1860s Blouse/Waist – Inspiration

This summer I will attend at least one (may be as many as three) mid 19th century events, and I’ve been molding over what to wear.

I do have two dresses (green 1840s & pasiley 1850s) from this time period since before, but non which take in to account the (presumed) heat of a nice summer day.

Then I found the perfect solution: A nice cool Garbardi blouse!
(that’s what I thought before the great Isabella of “Isabellas project diary” pointed out my mistake in this great clarifying blog post)

So now I just call it a mid century blouse (or waist)

Here are a few examples I found:



Garibaldi BlouseRed blouse.


c2a4f8f1feac545ff90ec8c57e45e46cI adore this whole outfit.





ad9bf71657ea925d834c20c22246671eSerious rushing.


162b0a514d40881970d320045db7968aSubtle plaid

f7721379bd23f61c82dcfbe6065e9aceLove the color and pattern on this one.


4 thoughts on “1850-1860s Blouse/Waist – Inspiration

  1. Hi! The garibaldi blouse is actually distincly different from the waists you posted. Here are a couple of images of the garibaldi images:


    The waists or spencers are what I think you are looking for:

    I swore I wrote on this subject last year but it turns out I didn’t. I guess I should get cracking on that, shouldn’t I? 🙂

      1. Thank you so much for correcting me – I admit to not doing any research on this one, but just trusted the pictures description (stupid internet to play it false 😉 )

        I’ve now corrected myself, and linked to your great post (hope that’s OK)

        Thank you again for helping me learn and be better 🙂

      2. Awesome! I’m glad I could help. It confused me too when I first started trying to look it up and noticed the discrepancy between what re-enactors were calling a Garibaldi and what it really was.

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