Just checking in

Sorry for me being very un-even in my posting lately.
And unfortunately I think I will be forced to keep this les then frequent posting for a while longer.

I had such planes for April – I was to sew several new outfits and dresses paired with hats and a few corsets on top on that…

And now we are half way through and I haven’t made a thing.

To my defense, I’ve been totally drowning in stressful work lately, and only just recover from the flu (which made me stay in bed all Ester) don’t exactly helped lessen the workload. The fact I’ve that I’ve not yet totally recovered my health and barley have the energy to make dinner after work, don’t make for a lot of sewing and blogging.

I’ve been forced to lover my ambitions and are now (slowly) getting on with at least one new dress (and bonnet (maybe…)) which I hope to have finished before the HSM deadline for April.

I don’t have much progress pics to show, so you will have to settle for my inspiration board for now.


Hopefully I have something more to show after the weekend

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