Theatre – “Revolution”

The second play I’m working with this spring is”Revolution” (Read about the first one here)


It’s a play about family, friendship, love, growing up and the search for ones own person.
But most of all its about hair.
_06a7261The three sisters, have grown up so close to eachotter that they are almost the same person, even their hair are braided togeter in one long braid.

But the oldes of the sisters feels trapped and want’s to find her own way. _06a7203_0

So one day she pics up the scissors…_06a7471

Once the hair is cut, there is no turning back.
She ends up at a hairstudio, with one very exentric barber (and two hilarious barber sidekicks)._06a7622

But does she really want to cut away her old life _06a7601

_06a7837_0Sisters skipping rope with “Friend”

_06a8370Stage-fight a la “Kill Bill”

I really like this play, and the crazy cartoonish look of the caracters. _06a8017

It’s got lots of good reviews and publicity, and I defenietly think it erned it. So if you happen to pas through Linköping/Norrköping in the next month or so, you should deffinetly come se it.

I’m so lucky to get to work with so many talented people everyday.

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