Wait, what, a baby?

Lets start from the beginning….

About 7 month ago my sister called me at work with the news that they just come down with a baby girl.
Whereto I responded “yeah right, very funny… eh, what?!”

You see, my sister and her husband are unable to get children, and have been trying everything from advanced medical procedures to adoption for years, with no luck (and a few really scary visits to the hospital).

But that day, out of the blue, the child service in a nearby town called and told them there was a baby girl, less then one day old, waiting for them if they were still interested in adopting.
So my sister went to her boss and told her she’d be home on mothers leave starting now and not sure for how long. Her husband did the same, then they went to the hospital.

The girls biological mother was a fairly young girl, with no connection to the father, who early on had decided to give the baby away.
And so it happened that my sister got a wonderful baby girl from one day to the next. (Crazy :-))

I can’t even picture the panic, happiness and fear both my sister and her husband must have felt those first couple of days.
And not to speak of the mad shopping spree that first day once they realized they needed to buy everything for the new baby, right now!

The panic is gone by now, and I love to see my sister for a luncheon on the town with the stroller, just admiring how much she grown and how fast she learns.

As you might imagine the whole process of adoption takes quite a while before everything is done and legal. And we are still waiting for the final judging to pass.

But while we wait we all love their little miracle to death, and I’m already planing some beautiful kid size historic dresses and jackets (witch she might grow into in a couple of years…).


11 thoughts on “Wait, what, a baby?

  1. No doubt you will be the most wonderful aunt for your sister´s baby. It will be spoiled to the bone with all those beautiful dresses you´ll have in mind.

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