1930s dress inspiration

I’ve decided to make a 1930 gown for Christmas this year. I’ve got a pretty green and black plaid in a polyester blend which would look fabulous made into a slim dress (I hope).

Here are some of the dresses I’ve thought about before deciding.




c27a706fc5b22de5697def318705cb03Perhaps I could tone the plaid down a bit by using it as contrast.

3242063791_ed018e6d7b_bThese separates are so effortless and classy.



7607I want them both – so chick.


dos 3007This is a classic which I’ve seen being made up several time in the most gorgeous ways.

cfcc97cb2a0de7209ce391c4cccc995cBut I finally picked this one. I love the sweet contrasting sleeves, the waistband and the modest neckline. And of course the simplicity of the pattern pieces and thereby the fabric pieces was the thing to sway me.

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