OK, lets talk: (WTF) Modern Halloween costumes

If you ever done a simple Google search on “Halloween costumes”, I’m sure you noticed all the female costumes explicit styles.

I mean come on, what is this! Sexy-Costumes2

Looking at the pictures from my last post the differences are just that more apparent.
_28100_600x450Withes at the turn of the 20 century.
Quality-Adult-Witch-font-b-Costume-b-font-For-font-b-Halloween-b-font-font-bWitch now.

And don’t even get me started on the gender aspect of this issue….

 mens-swat-team-costume sultry-swat-officer-costume

adult-vintage-baseball-costume P453800
ops, I forgot my pants…”

These guys says it all…

 To be fair, not all costumes out there are this “sexyfied”. And actually I found some ones I approve of.
Couples-Halloween-Costume-Historical-Intro1930s gangsters

hardworking-lady-costume1950s hard working women

07209034.interactive.aOk, but apart from the “cheap multi manufactured look” I could totally dress as a 17th century witch.

But I would rather make my own costume. Here are some suggestions.
news_121211_anne_boleyn_01_8dcc3eb752Anne Boleyn – Alive and powerful or dead and scary.

Marcus_Gheeraerts_(II)_-_Portrait_of_Queen_Elisabeth_I_-_WGA08657Elisabeth I (Annes daugther) – perfect for any read-head 16th century enthusiast

kristina-till-hc3a4stQueen Kristina (of Sweden) – wear your fancy 17th century gown or cross dress in men’s riding outfits Kristina style.

Reine_Marie_Antoinette_13Marie Antoinette – Any fancy 18th century gown (francaise/anglaise/chemise) will work. Or you can go for the dead queen look.

60892-004-53D4AF1EJean of arc – if you’r more into medieval costumes.

Elizabeth_Bathory_PortraitElizabeth Báthory – If you want to go real dark, dress as one of the original inspirations for Bram Stokers Dracula.
She is on my list for possible Halloween costumes every year. maybe next year…

And if you want some more inspiration as to how to dress powerful, feminine and historical check out this site.

4 thoughts on “OK, lets talk: (WTF) Modern Halloween costumes

  1. I loved that video! There are so many cool costume ideas out there, and plenty of them that can still be sexy without being underwear, that I struggle to understand the need for these costumes that go too far. Taking the examples from the Take Back Halloween site you shared, it’s not like Audrey Hepburn or Diana Ross aren’t sexy!!

    1. Exactly!
      I’m scared to think about how many girls and young women out there feel they need to dress in those minimal costumes to look good.
      I take a cool, well thought costume over a sexy one, every day of the week.

  2. 1950s hard working woman is Rosie the Riveter from the US from World War II era, when women took the factory jobs when men went to war. The 1930s gangsters owe a lot to the real life Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, or the stylized presentation of them in the 1970s movie Bonnie & Clyde.

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