Cleopatra Costume from 2010

A couple of years ago, I attended a theater costume course where we where asked to choose one famous play to design an outfit for.

I choose “Anthony and Cleopatra” for my play, and drew inspiration from both pictures and old movies.

MV5BNzE5Nzk4NTI5OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwODc4MTU2__V1__SX320_SY450_Elizabeth Taylor  in Cleopatra from 1963.

img111My costume sketch.

 The I started working on the costume itself.

I made a simple figure hugging white dress.CIMG4407

Decorated it with some golden pearl beading.CIMG4455

I also made some accessories, like a red chiffon “shawl”CIMG4518

A golden and black belt, embellished with a Egyptian scarabé beetle.CIMG4475

I bought a black wig, and cut it in a more appropriate shape, and crafted a headband from some a necklace, some beads and trim.CIMG4374

CIMG4433 CIMG4436

And finally, I made a massive Egyptian style beaded necklace.CIMG4400Using a sheer golden organza as a base, and worked the beads on to it in.


And the finished outfit:





And some pictures from the photoshoot we did 4 years ago.DSC_0724







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