Bal a la Turque – inspiration

A few months ago I’ve got an invitation to attend a 18th century event in the capital planed for this upcoming weekend.

The theme is “Bal a la Turque”, which refers to the 18th century flair for everything oriental. With the Roba  a la Turque as the most popular fashion statement at the time.

When I’d decided to go I started looking for inspiration online, and found lots of gorgeous dresses and outfits all with their own charm and relation to the Turkish theme.

The signature for the Robe a la Turque was the short sleeves on top of longer ones, the cut away front, the Anglaise cut back and the white sash on the hip. Read more about the garment on American Duchess list of 18th century robes169-0002-107

But of course there would be several different variations on “the Turque”.0fc04c6e4b8e2e093f5297f4a1ee4258




Then you have the more relaxed style with turbans, sashes and different kinds of material like fur or velvet.1a105274266a105cc292f1bfe478c520

1 GK 1740-50 George Knapton  (English artist, 1698-1778) Portrait of Lady Elizabeth Howard

Jean-Baptiste Le Prince (French Painter, 1734-1781) Lady in Turkish Dress

There was also the more lose and flowing chemise gowns, styled with the mandatory turban.3532e9cc49389551c03d2296d774388a


Louise Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun (French artist, 1755-1842) Marquise de Aguessenau wearing a robe a la turque 1789

And the style using lots of layering and colors, fabrics and jewelry to get the point.0e87c9c5af3bffbc08f812c1f49d8a2f


4x5 originalLove this one – maybe next time.

Charles Wynne Nicholls (Irish artist, 1831-1903) Eastern Beauty 1862

And lastly we got the traditional harem pants, which more often then not seams to be attached to the bodice in some sort of fancy jumpsuit.5f5b4e3c564f68ef61591e296d3326c7


Antoine de Favray (French painter, 1706-1792) Annette Comtesse de Vergennes in Turkish Gown



So many ideas, so little time….

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