18th century skirt and bumpad – re-making

These last weeks I’ve been up to my ears in sewing to do since apparently finishing a costume is not enough for me – I need to alter the pieces I thought I’ve already had.

So after finishing my latest project I dug some of my previous costuming peices out from their box for some re-working.

Starting of with my big bum-roll.IMG_1731Does my bum look big in this skirt?

I started by removing the stuffing, getting quite an impressive pile. IMG_0982

The I turned it inside out and marked the new smaller shape.IMG_0990

I focused on getting the sides smaller but trying to keep the size at the back.IMG_0988

I trimmed the excess fabric and notched the new allowance. IMG_0994

Then it was time to re-stuff it.IMG_1002

And lastly I stitched the opening shut.IMG_1003


The altered bumpad:IMG_1521




Time: 30 min

Cost: Nothing


Then I got to work on my golden skirt.

The original shape or the skirt was made to fit over posher with extra length at the sides to accommodate the lift at the hips of this model.

But now I wanted to pair it with my new Anglaise, so it needed a change (and a shortening).

IMG_1594Just a teeny bit long… or not

I started by removing the lining. IMG_0975

And un-picked the pleats. IMG_0971 IMG_0973

Then I measured and cut the top to make more length at the back instead if the hips. IMG_0983

Unfortunately the current length wasn’t enough so I had to use some of the cut-offs to lengthen the back.IMG_1007

I used a gathering thread to get the waist down to the right size. IMG_1010

Then I re-attached the waistband.IMG_1012

And stitched it down.IMG_1016

You would think the skirt was finished by now, but no.IMG_1358Going through the photos from the photoshoot I discovered the skirt still was way to long.

So it was back to the drawing board (so to speak)IMG_1578I didn’t wanted to re do the waist once more so instead I let down the hem.

And cut of a good 10 cm on the bottom.IMG_1579

I then ironed the edge down and pinned it in place.IMG_1580

And finally I hemmed it all again.

The finished skirt:IMG_1495







Time: About 2 hours.

Cost: Nothing except a few pennies for thread.

(And if you been paying attention you might already know what project I’ve just recently been finishing, (and will post about next time)).

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