(one hour before) The Regency Photoshoot

If you are like me, the night before a planed photoshoot is somewhat (ehm) hectic.
And this time was no exeption.

The night before my sister was to come to help me take some shots of the latest project, my HSF regency west, I scrambeled to get it finished and getting all the hooks and eyes to line up correctly. I did finish and manadged to get almost the usual amount of sleep that night.

But the late finishing of the west left me with not near enough time to finish the accessories to compleat the outfit.

So the first ting I did, after getting home from work and while the curles in my bangs coled of, was to get my new regency bonnet to decide on some decoratin design.

IMG_9609I bought the bonnet fron Neheleniapatterns about a month ago, but havn’t had the time to trim it.



I found this picture on internet and really liked the design.hämta

I pinned some brown velvet ribbon in a simular way, and stiched it into place.IMG_1024

Unfortanly the trimming design would have benefitted from a wider and softer ribbon.IMG_1023Altough not perfect, it would suffice for this shoot (I will just have to re-do it for next time)

The other thing I’ve decided I wanted to compleat my outfit was some long sleves to turn my regency evening gown into a daydress.IMG_0979I grabbed my pile of white fabric scraps and was just about to give in up to time preasure (after all I didn’t had a pattern, and my sister was to arrive any minute for the photoshoot) when I found this…IMG_0981..Lying in the middle of the fabric pile was a pair of pre cut white sleeves.

There was no time to hesitate, or to get the measuretape to decide if they would serve or not, so I quickly sewed them togeter an dbasted them into the arm holes of the yellow dress.
I was fully about it when my sister showed up, so I sett her to help iron the skirts and collecting the final pieces from all around the house and basemet.

Then she helped me get dressed (and digging under neath my skirts to tightening the corset to the maximum since I manadged to make the west about 2 cm to smal).

Then, just when we where about to stepp outside the door, I decided that the new sleeves where to short to look good. The 3/4 lenght only made the ensamble look costumy and un-finished.IMG_1059So I asked my sister to grab the siccors and help me get rid of them.


Just a normal day on the (costuming) job…IMG_1132

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