Non historic vaccation (part 2)

The day after our trip to Dubrovnic (part 1) me and my boyfriend took another sightseeing trip to the country of Albany.
After pasing the border we our first stop was at an old ruin placed beautifully on top of a hill.IMG_9843

Here we walked around for some time snapping pictures of the view and the stone walls.IMG_9834

IMG_9837And of me…

IMG_9851Great looking arches.

A stair down to escape tunnels, should the castel ever be attacked.IMG_9845

IMG_9848pretty well.

Then we headed of to a more “recent” museum.IMG_9873

In which I found my first costume related items on this vaccation. IMG_9864Menwear.




IMG_9865And some for the ladies.






I also found a loom (vävstol).IMG_9874IMG_9875

And some old arcelogical items.IMG_9880Love how you can se the folds in the fabric.

IMG_9882Some ancent juwelry.

Then we were set free to explore the city. One thing we noticed was the big difference in living standars between the rich and the poor.IMG_9883A great mosque.

IMG_9886An fallen down old house.

IMG_9887Then it was time to go back to the hotell.

That night the beautiful hot weater changed, and lots of dark low hanging clouds came rolling in.IMG_9923Don’t know if you can tell from this picture, but the clouds are well below the mountain lines.

Since it was our last day abroad, we decided to take a long walk, despite the weater, to go and se another tourist place a bout a 8 km away.IMG_9916It was a beautiful place, but we did get totaly drenched from the tropical rain on our way there.

IMG_9912We don’t have olive trees in Sweden so I think this tree looks pretty cool.

IMG_9904The next day it was time to get on the plane back home.

(thank you for your patients – next post will once again be focused on costuming , and the HSF)

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