Steampunk accessories

I’ve been chipping away at lots of different costuming stuff lately.
But the things most outside my usual sewing zone, are the pieces I’ve made for my up-coming steampunk outfit.

IMG_7059A clock I bought on sale this spring.

 I’ve been loking through lots and lots of pictures on the internet and there are som much incredable talent out there. I can only wish to somedsay be able to create something as beautiful.

Anyhow, here are the items I did make for this costume.

I had this cheap bag who I wanted to turn into something steampunkish.IMG_7058

Using this inspirational picture I got to work.steampunk_bag_by_krammelnira-d5qazu1

IMG_0111Gatering my materials.

Since I didn’t had any leater in my stsh I decided to paint the wheel on my bag using golden craft-paint.IMG_0113Then I glued some gears on it using my regualar fabric glue.







My next project was to get that super cool looking steampunk gun.steampunk_nerf_gun_by_fencesmakegoodnebors-d324it0No, not this one – this is my inspiration.

Following some tips on the internet I had bought a cheap water gun. IMG_7056The materials used.

I started by sanding the intire gun down.
IMG_0106 IMG_0107after.

Then I sprayed it with copper craft paint, making sure it was compleatly covered.IMG_0109Letting it dry over night.

Then I painted it with my gold, silver and brown paint, and glued on some gears to make it even more steampunk looking.








Well, not perfect, but two quick, simple project that will do a lot to enhance the look of my outfit.

2 thoughts on “Steampunk accessories

  1. To help with the look of your gun you can try some dry brush painting tecnique, you can find a large number of tutorials on youtube. Good job with the bag!

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